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Your New Kitchen

This first look is as  perfectly simple as anyone would want their kitchen to be. Not giving in to the many baubles and distractions that designing a kitchen can have this look is calming while also giving us the added bonus of being easy 'up-keep'.

If you notice this design keeps a black, white, and grey color scheme. This will keep your kitchen looking classic no matter the theme you wish to use but it will also allow for your floors to rally stand-out, should you choose to keep with the design. The designer looks to have used a brown floor with red undertones similar to our laminate floor Smokey Maple(SHDS018).

Check out the next slide if you want more information about the materials you need to achieve this look in your own home. 

Simply Simplified

Making It Modern

This next look takes a few steps into the modern world. Featuring sleek cabinets and neutral colors this style is made to simplify the eye. The most aspect of this look is the use of laminate floors on the wall instead of traditionally being used as flooring.

Don't be intimidated by what looks new and strange, if you want to make heads turn embrace the unknown. Come in today and try finding something new to make your home just that much more interesting.

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